Yin Yoga Weekend Workshops | Schedule

Yin Yoga

In our busy, overstimulated lives, we often don’t give ourselves enough time to recharge our bodies in a restful, reflective way. Yin Yoga balances the body and mind through stillness in postures held for 3-5 minutes each. Most Yin Yoga postures are practiced sitting or lying on the floor, inviting a sense of softness and surrender; this prolonged attention can often be a deeply transformative experience. This quiet practice is not always easy or comfortable, but is great for all levels. We will end with a nice, long Savasana.

Friday, August 14, 6-8 pm
Intro to Yin Yoga: Yin and the Physical Body

We will explore Yin Yoga through the lens of the physical postures. We’ll discuss how the longer holds of yin poses, anywhere from 3-5 minutes each, help “stress,” lengthen, strengthen, and therapeutically release joints, muscles, ligaments, fascia and other connective tissues. This balanced sequence will focus on the yin part of the body: the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

Saturday, August 15, 3-5 pm
Intro to Yin Yoga: Yin and Your Body

As we continue to build our repertoire of physical postures (asanas), we will investigate how every body is unique and how this shows up in our yoga postures. Each yoga pose has a reason for being done – an intention.  The alternative is an aesthetic approach. Taking the skillful path you will develop an understanding that you need to customize each posture to feel the intention of the posture rather than look a certain way.

Sunday, August 16, 3-5 pm
Intro to Yin Yoga: Yin and the Breath/Mind

The quiet practice of Yin Yoga offers us a chance to listen deeply.  When we put our bodies in these physical postures we learn to pay conscious attention to our breath, thoughts, feelings, and sensations of the present moment and move towards a more relaxed and neutral mindset.