Yvette Hamaya

Yoga opened up a new world for Yvette. What started out as a way to gain and maintain strength and flexibility physically became a path that has transformed her life. Yoga furnished Yvette a sense of freedom to accept and live “in the now” but at the same time give her courage and confdence to make changes that feels needed. Yvette’s foundation of training is from YogaWorks completing 500 hours of teacher training and LMU Yoga Therapy. She continues to build her training studying with Yin Yoga teacher Paul Grilley. Yvette speaks and teaches from her life experiences honestly and passionately.

Stacie Reeve

Stacie has always had a passion for moving her body being an athlete for a long time. That active lifestyle naturally drew her to Yoga which became something that not only brought her strong body into balance with the flexibility she gained, but also gave her a sense of centering peace. Wanting to share this beautiful practice to others, Stacie completed Yogaworks 500 hour Yogaworks Teacher Training and also became a teacher trainer. She continues to deepen her knowledge of Yoga attending trainings and workshops taught by renowned teachers.

Stacie teaches with enthusiasm, care, and a sense of humor creating an environment for her students to feel encouraged and supported and to explore their body while tuning into their internal body wisdom.

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